tornqueen (tornqueen) wrote,

rejectomancy and the world loves a wannabe

Still waiting to hear back on some poetry and a short story.

I submitted the poem in March. In May the poetry editor said that she'd forwarded the poem to the head editor for his final decision. Now it's October. I'm thinking that there should be a period when I should query so that I can just send it on somewhere else. They say, on their site, that a response should come in two to four months; however, if it's taking longer it's probably a good thing. Is seven months a good thing? Heh.

In terms of the story, that was submitted in April. In June the editor asked if he could hold on to it for a bit longer. We're at six months here, now...

I'm really at the "Just reject them so I can move them on."

Oh well....

I'm still not sure when a good time to query is, but I'm guessing it's coming closer.

I'm reworking a short story I wrote back in April. It needs a bit of work, but not as much as I once feared. I'll hash it out and submit it to my writing group Monday.

Even if I am a wannabe and all this is a waste of time, it gives me something to do and focus on other than just running after a two-year-old, dealing with the hormones from impending motherhood (again), etc., so on and so forth.
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