tornqueen (tornqueen) wrote,

poetry, tea and toast in the morning

I read some Billy Collins this morning. It's a good way to spend some time, drinking some herbal apple cinnamon tea, eating some cinnamon toast and reading poetry.

I need to quit working online, reading journals, the news, email, etc., and begin to get some writing done. It's a busy, busy, busy week coming and I need to do this today for there may not be time until next week. Then it will be too late. It's my turn to submit to one of my writing groups on Monday. I have something that's ready to submit, something that needs a bit of revision, and something I've been writing. I haven't decided which to use. I guess it depends on what gets done, eh?

What else to say? Not a lot.

Back to the tea, writing, and maybe some more toast.
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