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update on the crazy neighbors

Both Rice and I talked to our parents, who are talking to their resources (lawyers, CPS specialists, etc. and gave us some suggestions of who to talk to). The jury's not all in yet, but so far this is the upshot:

We are probably fine. If for whatever reason someone from CPS does show up, they'll take a look at Avadore and see he's fine, a healthy and loved two-year-old who's mischievous as all get out.

Some of the people that were talked to have had children of their own who got into everything and it was hard to keep tabs on them on all the time. They were clever and wild and just kids. That was comforting.

They also suggested we stay as far away from our neighbors as possible. Don't talk to them, nothing. Evidently it's pretty easy to fuel people like that, so shut down all connections. (Not that there was a lot to begin with, but it still happened. Occasionally we tried to be nice and send cherries over from the tree or whatever. Usually any association involved them being an absolute pain.) The fence idea is strongly encouraged simply because Avadore is a toddler and will be doing crazy stuff for a while longer and if our neighbor's get a wild hair, they can call anything in and create a problem for us. Also, it will protect our dog and make her life easier. No more little hellions harassing her. Well, except for Avadore :D.

I will also be making or buying Avadore a sword or knife to play with and try to make the distinction between that which we can play with and that which we leave alone. Hopefully, it will also satisfy his little boy sword/knife urges.
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