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scared and venting

Ever since our neighbors moved in about a year and a half ago, we've had problems with them. Sometimes to the point where we've had to to call their landlord so we can take care of stuff on our property that goes just beyond the fence the is a superficial boundary of the two yards. (The boundary of our property goes beyond the fence.) Their teenage children will get on our property and harass our dog through the chain link fence and run complaining to their mother when she barks at them. They have threatened to shoot and spray ammonia in her eyes.

I called animal control on that one, and then the police to file a report after animal control directed me to. The upshot: they need to educate themselves about dog behavior (even though they have dogs of their own) and if they do hurt our dog, it's a crime.

As a result, we've been considering building a wooden fence between the two properties.

And now it's a sure thing.

This morning, my son climbed onto a chair and a counter, got in a cupboard and got a knife and ran outside. When I heard the door slam, I looked out the window to check on him since he has a tendency to run out with very few clothes on and it's cold. Sure enough, he was out there in his sweatshirt and diaper. I didn't even put shoes on. I just ran out and got him. I never saw the knife.

I put him in the shower to warm him up even though he hadn't been out there for very long. When I got him out of the shower, wrapped in a towel, diaper in hand, and exited my bedroom door, I found a policeman in my hallway by my bedroom.

Our neighbors called the police to report my son had a butcher knife in the backyard.

First of all, I don't own a butcher knife. We found the knife. Not a butcher knife.

I admit, he shouldn't have had it. We thought we had taken good safety precautions to keep him out of the knives. Obviously, we were wrong.

So the officer took a complete report of all my information, all of Avadore's information, but none of my husband's. He told us what we could do to lock up the knives. We had already done those things. My son is literally not only a Houdini but amazingly dextrous and really good at problem solving. So now you can't get out our back door without a key (we turned the lock around) and I can barely get at the knives with the restraint that's on the cupboards.

This is evidently very possibly not the end. We could receive another visit from the police, we could also receive a visit from Child Services where they will search through every corner of our home and if they find something they don't like somehow, they can take my son.

I think it's unlikely that it will hit that point. However, I am afraid to let my son into the backyard doing anything for fear the neighbors will call again. He takes off his clothes. Evidently, if he is outside without enough clothing on, I can get another call. And it could be worse this time.

I am so scared that something will happen and my neighbors will report us again. It's semi-illogical, I know, but I am still afraid.

Later today, we looked out our front window only to find their rabbit in our front yard. My husband went over to tell them so they could get it back. He never even got to the door before the father was out front, ready for a fight. It's always like this.

Anyway, that's my vent and background in case it progresses.

I really hope it doesn't.

I don't know how to protect ourselves.
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