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on fire and submission musings

Last week, Avadore and I were sick. Over the weekend, Rice got sick. Yesterday, Avadore and I weren't feeling so hot. Again.

The good thing about being sick is that I feel I can, in general, ignore my usual obligations and suddenly my mind opens up, unless it's fuzzy from being sick, like I think it was Saturday night.

As a result, I have accomplished a great deal:
1) A critique of a fairly long submission for one of my writing groups.
2) Put my submission together for one of my writing groups.
3) Believe I have solved a problem with one of my short stories.
4) Wrote an entire short story that has basically eluded me for 2 1/2 years.
5) Edited it twice.
6) Considered submitting it.
7) Found a market.

I think that the prose could be tighter. In order to work on that I believe I will let it sit a couple of days and then go back and try to adjust it. Honestly, I think I could just submit it now. The likelihood of it being published are slim to none.

Since I started submitting (and a lot less than I would have liked) I have had some very nice rejections. I get lovely, kind, supportive personal responses from editors that warm my heart. Or I get, "Can I hold on to this a bit longer?" or "I have forwarded this to the head editor for final approval". (Still waiting on those, btw.) For just starting, I think that's rather lovely.

I know it takes a while for a person to get published once they start submitting. It can take years and years. Or it may not ever happen. One has to learn the trade after all. That's what I'm doing right now -- learning the trade. With each submission and rejection I learn something new. That's a good thing.

So, in the end, I might as well just submit my story as is and be done with it and move on to the other story I need to fix. At the same time, even though I know no one but a couple people will read it, I can't help but feel that it's important to do the best I can with the story right now under the circumstances and then send it out.

So it will be percolating in the back of my mind and on my hard drive for a couple of days before I run through it again.

Damn work ethic.
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