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Maybe it's the weather. Maybe I'm worn out. Maybe I'm sick. Maybe it's a bad case of Melancholy, in which case I'd better start sleeping outside for awhile so I can be cured... even if it is wet and freezing.

Whatever the problem is, I'm having an awful time writing today. Just horrid. I have a short story to work on, to revamp and fix and nothing to do it with.

We're all in a foul state here today.

Avadore is grumpy. Probably also worn out from yesterday and maybe still a little sick from him cold, though I thought he was well. Rice caught Avadore's cold and is not feeling well.

I just want to hole up and rest, which I did do for a good portion of today. My "obligations" tomorrow are light, so I think I'll stay holed up then, too. I have a few calls to make, but rest is probably a good thing.

I'll sit and relax, try to work on my story a bit, but I'm not sure if pushing it is a good thing right now either. Stuff will come, or it won't. In the end, it's not the most important thing in my life.

It's not like I'm a professional and have a deadline or anything looming, thank goodness.

But I'm still waiting for the energy/inspiration/muse to hit me over the head and give me some motivation to actually figure out what to do with the blasted story :). But until then, here I sit, making notes, working and reworking things until the problems seem to be straightened out.


Yesterday we attended my husband's cousin's wedding. It was a very cool thing, and a wedding at those tend to go around here. The bride was lovely, the groom handsome, and all's right with the world.

As is traditional around here, after the wedding, there was a luncheon for family and friends hosted by the groom's parents. (My aunt and uncle in law.) We had lovely croissant sandwiches, several types of salads and vegetables and the best cheesecake... turtle cheesecake. Yum.

For the reception, it was your usual reception, home spun, but lovely, elegant, so tasteful. Lots of ivy, white flowers, the colors a pale sage green and a rich, deep chocolate. It was really striking.

They served the richest hot chocolate I've ever had, hot cider, andes mints, chocolate mint brownies, chocolate rolls, pumpkin rolls, nuts. Obviously, someone likes their chocolate and mint, which fit so well with the colors. It was so delicious and though I didn't eat a lot, I got the biggest sugar buzz. I think the hot chocolate alone, along with a melted Andes mint, would have done that.

The cake was chocolate through and through. My husband's cousin made it. It was a three tierd square cake with sage ribbon and white flowers and fondant icing. It was beautiful.

Sadly, the happily married couple and their parents spent pretty much the whole entire night in the reception line. That sucks. At my reception, there was no line. We went around and mingled and I believe we caught everyone. We were a lot happier that way, I believe.

It's wonderful to see his family. Even though many of them live fairly close by, we might as well be in different states. We just don't see each other enough. They're great people. I'm lucky to be in such a great family.

Today Rice is sick, however, as I mentioned previously. Too much fun yesterday, I suppose. I made him Ham Fried Rice, which is quite good. Later I'm making Beef Lo Mein. Chinese -- the new comfort food.
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