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That's right. It's Halloween, and it's been freezing... snowing, raining, thunder, lightening... welcome to Idaho.

Actually, I love the unpredictability of it.

We celebrated our Halloween last night. Avadore learned to say, "Trick or treat," and "No rocks". Very important things to know.

Rice is off gaming with his friends. I really wish he were here. He thought he was leaving J-Spot to help me, but that was evidently not accurate.

Winter is upstairs with his ex-girlfriend being very noisy, very loud. Not having sex, thank God. I'm not sure if she's suddenly deaf since they broke up or what, but there's but some very loud voices, and it's really beginning to grate on my already existing headache. I can't say I was terribly fond of her to begin with. Oy. That's right -- I'm a bitch.

A friend was supposed to come over this afternoon and evening. I made a big pot of Thai chicken soup. She never showed. But she's like that, and always has been.

Isn't there anything good to write about?

I'm also making pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting. Yum.

Since last Sunday, I've written a short story, turned an 18,000 novella into a 7,700 word short story at the request of an editor, and wrote a personal essay/memoir. And I've submitted all of them. We'll see what happens.

I wish I could curl up on my couch with some hot chocolate and a Bradbury book without the promise of obnoxious people who have invaded my house. I'm really getting a bit annoyed with some of the extra people that live here. So they live here. So what? That should give them rights, right? So they can bitch at my dog, treat my house like a trash heap, insult me and so on.... It's still my house. They don't seem to get it. We're even essentially supporting all of them while Rice tries to get his business going. One day I'm just going to blow and they'll all be gone.

Sorry, there I went again....

I really need to start perking up this journal.
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